Surprises can be fun, whether they are unexpected gifts or good news. However, a surprise flat tire? There’s nothing fun about that. We strongly encourage drivers everywhere to know the crucial steps in dealing with a flat. So, we have some helpful advice from our service experts at Heritage FIAT of Owings Mills.

When you first realize you have a flat tire, whether the vehicle is thumping or pulling to the side, slow down and turn on your emergency flashers. Get as far from traffic as you can, whether it’s completely on the shoulder or in an adjacent lot. Make sure you’re on level ground and the emergency brake is engaged.

Start by loosening the lug nuts on your flat tire with a tire iron. Then, using your car jack, raise the car so the tire no longer touches the road at all. Now it’s safe to remove the lug nuts completely as well as the flat tire. Finally, replace it with your spare tire and secure it tightly with your lug nuts.


It’s important to get your tire replaced, after all, you can only drive on a spare tire for a limited time and at a limited speed. So, we encourage everyone to visit our FIAT service center as soon as possible to get your spare tire replaced to a full-size version. Make sure to check out your spare too to be sure it’s ready if you ever happen to need it again.

In the meantime, it’s a good idea to regularly check out your tires to make sure they are properly inflated and have adequate tread. Every little bit helps to avoid a flat down the road. Visit our FIAT dealership near Baltimore, MD to get your FIAT vehicle taken care of and be safe out there!

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