How Often Should You Wash Your FIAT Car?


If you don't have a regular schedule for cleaning your car, you might not be cleaning it enough. Here at Heritage FIAT of Owings Mills, the one stop shop for new FIAT models near Baltimore, MD, we want to make sure you are not unknowingly damaging your vehicle.

If cleaning your car were merely a cosmetic issue, it wouldn't matter as much how long you let it go without a good wash. However, modern dirt and grime are full of chemicals, most of which are harmful to your vehicle after prolonged exposure.

If you want a hard fast rule of thumb for how often to wash your car - every other week is a great start. With that said, the more nuanced answer will have more to do with the conditions in which your car is most often kept.

The area in which you live is probably the most important factor in determining how often you should wash your car. The chemicals in the area are the chemicals most likely to come into contact with your car. Salt-rich environments, either naturally (places near oceans) or artificially (salted streets after snowfall) can be the hardest on a car. If you live in one of these areas, consider upping your regular car washes to once a week.

This is only if you don't already take other preventative steps to keep your car clean. This could be anything from keeping it in a closed garage to using a dedicated car cover or both. If you are preventing it from coming into contact with foreign chemicals as much as possible, then you could put off washing your car as long as a month.

The best way for a car like the 2018 FIAT 500 Abarth from Heritage FIAT of Owings Mills to last as long as possible is to take care of it as best you can. That includes regular washing.
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