Essentials for Roadside Emergencies


At Heritage FIAT Owings Mills we have more than just quality used FIAT cars for sale near Baltimore, MD. We have automotive knowledge that we are eager to share. Knowledge such as which items would help you stay prepared, should something unfortunate happen while you're on the road.

If you ever find yourself in car trouble, you’ll be happy to have your cell phone with you, especially if the battery isn’t dead. For those that don’t make a concerted effort to keep their phones charged, keeping a phone charger in the car could be a lifesaver down the line.

Speaking of lifesavers, you should probably have a first aid kit in your car as well. If the term first aid kit evokes the image of a fancy white and red med-pack that is understandable. While those are great, you by no means need anything that fancy. Beyond basics like gauze, band-aids, and antiseptics, you know your family best and what you may or may not need.

If you happen to hit a nail or something in the road that punctures the tire, a foam sealant can give you more time to make it to our FIAT tire center without having to immediately change the tire. But, don’t drive on it for too long. Also, should you find yourself stuck in mud or snow and unable to get any traction, having either sand or cat litter on hand can create a surface your tire will be able to build enough momentum to escape.

The list really does go on and on. You can never be too prepared, but it is a good idea to try. At Heritage FIAT Owings Mills, we can offer you many more suggestions to prepare you for all the crazy things the road can throw your way.

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