FIAT Upgrades Available Through Mopar

When a customer takes their new FIAT 500 home after finally deciding to take the plunge on purchasing a delightful new automobile, it does not mean that it has to be the end of customizing that new car to your personal tastes. Here at Heritage FIAT of Owings Mills, we are able to provide Baltimore, MD customers with myriad options for further customization going way beyond anything so simple as a bumper sticker or pair of fuzzy dice in the mirror. Thanks to Mopar, there are a lot of ways to improve the look and feel of your FIAT vehicle.

For starters, Mopar offers a number of different exterior accessories that can turn heads. One option is side moldings, which can feature anything from sporty designs to FIAT logos to art featuring specific major cities like Baltimore, MD. Drivers also can consider adding chrome accents to various areas throughout the vehicle's exterior, including the mirrors, while splash guards and door sill guards serve both aesthetic and practical purposes.

Inside, Mopar offers a number of different premium carpet mats that vary greatly in pile and design, while a pedal kit would improve the looks of your pedal with heavier metal covers. There are custom shift knobs and seat covers also available, both which offer further personalization for Baltimore FIAT customers. 

All of this is to say nothing of the many options we provide for wheel upgrades, not to mention cargo organizers and hauling accessories like bike and luggage racks.

If you are interested in making any of these changes to your own automobile, just give us a call here at Heritage FIAT Owings Mills and we will be happy to make sure that your FIAT 500 is personalized precisely to your tastes.

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